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Thank you, Richard, 

	as far as Russian and Polish research is concerned, I'm pretty new,
though I've been researching for 20 years on less confusing branches
of the tree. I have lots to learn about this branch of the tree, and
it's proving very elusive. 

	Charles Wagner, son of Anton and Thecla 

	b. abt 1855 Russia/Poland (depends on record) 

	unfortunately, that's as far as I've got. death record and burial
elude me. his marriage record is where I got most of my information
from. his marriage application eludes me, and may no longer exist, I
don't know. he's not in any census and I can't find his original
immigration or naturalization. I'm on the pacific coast, so cannot
roll up my sleeves and dig into the archives like I need to. I'm at a
loss at this point. 

	here's my timeline for him, which includes all I've found on him
over the past 20 years; 

	abt 1855-1857 born in either Poland or Russia, father Anton, mother
 said to have been raised in England-nothing found in English census
 bef 1883 arrived in America-states he is a US Citizen in 1883
 Jun 1883 arrived in New York from Liverpool, England on the ship
 Oct 4 1883 married in Boston, MA to Annie McDonald her father Alan,
mother Sarah
 Aug 1884 on the ship Katherine J. Ireland-filed a claim against
Master and first mate for abuse.
 1885 resided 46 Fayette, Boston, MA
 1886 resided 46 Fayette, Boston, MA
 May 3 1886 son Allan b. in Boston, MA (only child by Annie)
 1887 possibly living at 6 Grenville place-Mrs. Annie Wagner (may be
someone else)
 1888/1889 resided 434 Chelsea in East Boston
 1888/1889 possibly living at 6 Grenville place-Mrs. Annie Wagner
(may be someone else)
 1889 sailed on Stephen G. Loud, H. C. Sibley, bark Sarah-Mate
(otherwise just a sailor)
 Apr 17, 1889 wrote from Fallriver, MA
 May 12, 1889 wrote from Brunswick, NS
 Jun 4 & 5, 1889 wrote from Boston, MA
 Jun 7 & 8, 1889 wrote from Bangor, ME
 Jun 7 1889 payed 5.00 from H. C. Sibley
 Jul 15, 1889 wrote from Aspinwall
 Oct 9 1889 payed at rank of Mate from bark Sarah
 1890 residing 267 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA
 1890 sailed on Sachem, bark Sarah
 Mar 4, 1890 wrote from St. Michaels
 Mar/May (illegable) 6 1890 payed from bark Sarah
 May 23 1890 payed from the Sachem
 May 28, 1890 wrote from Fayal
 Jun 13, 1890 wrote from St. Michaels
 Aug 16, 1890 wrote from Boston, MA
 Aug 19, 1890 wrote from Boston, MA
 Sep 18, 1890 wrote from Fayal
 Sep 28th 1890 wrote from St. Michaels 
 1891 residing 267 Columbus Ave and rear of Prince-same man? or two
different men?
 1892, 1893 and all years after not listed in Boston/Chelsea city
 26 Apr 1892 arrived in Boston, MA from St. John NB on the steamer
 Jan 1894 sailed on the Mercedita
 Feb 1st payed 2.00 from the Mercedita
 Feb 3 1894 in Marine Hospital, Chelsea, MA for aneurism of arch
aorta-released improved in Mar 1894 
 3 Aug 1894 said to have died on this date, form for a death record
started, never completed or returned to Massachusetts vital record
office and there is no death record for him for 10 years on either
side of 1894 in Suffolk Co., MA
 by 1898 Annie is said to have removed to Chicago, IL, then to Omaha,
NE where she met and married Paul Gillette.
 that's it. Seaman's protection papers for that period and place have
been lost, I have nothing else to go on at this time. a handful of
letters are all my grandfather Allen saved from Paul Gillette's
burning of the family papers, and they tell me nothing except what
I've gleened from them of Charles work, his relationship with Annie
and their financial condition. I've attempted to access the Boston
sailor's society records, but they are unindexed so was unsuccessful
there. I don't know what to search next.  


 On Sun 10/04/09 4:23 PM , "Richard Stein" ra_stein at telus.net sent:
 Since your great grandfather was probably born in the 1800's,
Russian Poland 
 (also called Congress Poland) included today's central, southern,
 eastern Poland - as far east as the Bug River. It is a large area
 100's of villages where Germans lived, so you will somehow have to
find more 
 detail about where your great grandfather was born. Until WW I,
 (southeast of present Poland) was a separate province of Russia.
 If you give more information, such as his name, his wife, parents,
 time period, then perhaps someone on the list may be able to help.
 Dick Stein
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 > are there compiled records for the Volhynian area? or are the
 > records still seperate and difficult to view? I keep hoping that
 > records will become easy to scan as all I have for my great
 > grandfather's place of birth is Russian Poland, which has me
 > Volhynia, but the bounderies of Russian Poland are not so defined
 > that, are they?
 > Cornelia
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