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Just one minor point. The birthdate of October 22, 1877 is according to the Julian calendar. The birthdate according to the Gregorian calendar we use is November 3 as that record also indicates. So for your reference you want to specify 3 Nov 1877 as the birthdate.

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My sister-in-law found an old document in the old family homestead this
summer. It was written in Russian Cyrillic and no could make sense of it.
Recently a friend of hers recruited a retired Russian Army officer to
perform the translation. It turns out to be a birth certificate for my
wife's grandfather, Julius Platzke. The document was created when he was
about 16 years old and the top of the document says "For the purpose of
draft or book of census. My presumption is that was for proof of age for
possible military service. The translated Russian names for the places in
Poland make no sense to me and have no references to be found online. Can
someone tell me where in Poland this might be? The document is like this:

Warsaw Province
Wlotslav District
Parish of Ev. Augsb. Hodechenii Przhedechskii

                Birth Certificate

Issued to certify that Juljush Blotzke
Son of Wilhelm and his wife Wilhelminv
Maiden name Frost was born in Domanikov
In the month of October, day of 22 (month of November day of 3) in the year
of 1877

Village of Pruidech, day of April 13/25, year of 1894

Signed and sealed by Voit Gminy, officer of the Civil Registry Office

The father is Frederick Wilhelm Platzke and the mother is Wilhelmina Frost
and the birth date is correct (Oct 22nd 1877). The only hit I found in
Google for "Domanikov" refers to geological rock unit somewhere near the
present day town of Czarny Dunajec in the far south of Poland. Strangely
enough that is about 200 kilometers due east of the little village in the
Czech Republic that my father's mother came from.

Can anyone provide some guidance as to where to start further research?

Dave Proper
dproper at charter.net

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