[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish parishes and Polish place names

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Sat Oct 10 12:03:45 PDT 2009

Amen!! I look forward to seeing the gazetteer and to converting my  
records to its format.  Not to further complicate this wonderful  
thread, but some years ago I decided to enter our relatives' life  
events using the political and ecclesiastical boundaries that existed  
at the time and the location  of the event. This solution has many of  
the pitfalls already discussed in this thread, but it also does add  
the clarity one needs when questioning why Onkel Jacob was a Russian  
soldier, etc.
Greg Mason
On Oct 10, 2009, at 10:52 AM, gpvjem wrote:

>    The gazetteer will be a real blessing!!
> John Marsch
> -----------------------------------------
>  The issue of governing districts in Poland is very complicated due to
>  many changes over the past 200 years.  Even the LDS files their
>  microfilms by a district convention in place after WW II that has no
>  relevance to today nor to pre WW II boundaries.  You can imagine  
> with a
>  database of over 450,000 names, that we get numerous variations on  
> how
>  that information is reported to us.  One of our volunteers in Germany
>  recently completed a gazetteer of all known villages where Germans  
> lived
>  in Russian Poland.  He standardized the system of location to the  
> modern
>  boundaries along with other detailed info.  Data entered into our
>  databases will be based on that so that we have a standard format.   
> This
>  gazetteer, which also includes parish names, will be made available  
> on
>  line later this year.
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