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Are there individual maps available that show the individual years, the
changes in the boundaries and who was responsible (i.e. Poland, Russia,

Also, is there a good Polish history book that one could read (and
understand) to help a novice like me?

Beth Burke
Verona, WI
Researching Lieske, Liske, Pinkowski, Friedrich, Glor, Zellmer, etc.

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History is difficult in that area.
- before 1772 Greater Poland went up to nearly Kiev and covered total
- 1. partition in 1772 left Volhynia unchanged
- 2. partition in 1793 devided Volhynia into a western (Poland) and eastern
part (Russia) east of Rowno as Guenther said.
- 3. partition in 1795 all Poland is devided between the Austrian-, German-
and Russian Empire.
- 1806 Napoleon changed that
- 1815 the Vienna Congress remodeled Eastern Europe and Volynia belonged
still to Russia up to the end of WW I.
- 1919 Poland reappeared on the map and Volhynia was devided between Poland
(Oblast Volynski and Rivne). The Oblast Zhytomir stayed part of Russia.

Thus when we consider the timespan of 1815 to 1919 Volhynia belonged
entirely to Russia.

Frank Stewner

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