[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for articles relating to Barany (near Lipno)

Krampetz at aol.com Krampetz at aol.com
Wed Oct 14 20:56:21 PDT 2009

Some time back I obtained a map of the village of Barany  (near Lipno)  
The map showed where the 40+ homes were and who lived in them,  in the  
early 1930's.   My family name  (Krampitz) show in 3 homes, as  well as the 
names of different witnesses;  to my grandfather and other  sibling's 
(It's a very nice piece for my genealogy collection)
An article that went with the map was included.  As I translated  it, ( 
"Aus meinem
Leben, von Edmund Fercho") it made little sense (it was more about  WWII 
experiences).   I just learned that it was 1 of 3 articles on  Barany,  and 
the wrong one to go with the map.
The article came from the book:
   "Deutsche Doerfer im Kreis Lipno, Dobriner Land  (Polen)"
Elfriede Eichelkraut geb.  Tomm
Wuppertal, Juni  1996         
The other two of the three articles on Barany in it are: 
   Mein Geburtsort, meine Heimat - Barany, von Erhard  Liedke
   Barany, von Elfriede Eichelkraut
(see: _http://www.kerntopf.com/dobrin/literatur/index.htm_ 
     for content page)
The article I already have is: Aus meinem Leben, von Edmund Fercho  
I would very much appreciate copies of the other two.
(or specifically the one that has that map of Barany with it)
Bob Krampetz
 (researching Krampitz von Dobrina land)

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