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There are two villages of that name located about 30 km northwest of
Rozyszcze in Volhynia:  Emilien Stare (meaning old), and Emilien Nowe
(meaning new).  The name is also spelled Emilin.  There is a family Gottlieb
Hartwig (or Hartwich)  and his wife Julianne Mueller living in Emilin,
Rozyszcze Lutheran parish.  They married on 24 Jan 1884 at Rozyszcze,
Gottlieb age 27, Julianne age 17.
I hope this helps.
Dick Stein

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> Seeking the location of a village in Volhynia, Russia (1880"s) that looks
> like "Emilien" on the ship manifest from the SS Koln which landed in
> Baltimore in Feb. 1910.  Family named Hartwig, nine children; parents were
> Gottlieb Hartwig and Julianne or Julia Mueller or Muller.  The family were
> Lutheran.
> Sandy
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