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    I've exhausted my resources including maps, Google and ShtetlSeeker but
I can't verify the following place names as being correct in all respects.

Bukower Wald - supposedly in Poland
Bragonoff - supposedly in Russia but that could also mean Poland or Ukraine

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

With thanks,
John Marsch


ShtetlSeeker has one that is pretty close, sound wise, to Bragonoff.  And it
is in Russia.

Bryukhanov, Bryukharov populated place 46°41' N 41°39' E  E M U G Russia
649.8 miles SSE of Moskva 55°45' N 37°37' E

ShtetlSeeker has the following for Bukowski Las.

Bukowski Las, Kolonia Bukowski Las populated place 51°22' N 23°27' E  E M U
G Poland  121.1 miles ESE of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

If we do a ShtetSeeker search for Bragonoff, looking for its possible
closeness to Bukowski Las using the coordinates for Bukowski Las, we get the
following closest towns.

Verkhnov, Verkhnuv, Werchnów populated place 50°46' N 24°10' E  E M U G
Ukraine  51.8 miles SE of 51°22' N 23°27' E

Baraki Nowe section of populated place 50°48' N 22°02' E  E M U G Poland
72.8 miles WSW of 51°22' N 23°27' E

Borek Nowy populated place 49°55' N 22°06' E  E M U G Poland  116.3 miles
SSW of 51°22' N 23°27' E

Bryukhanov, the town found in Russia, is quite a ways from Bukowski Las.

Bryukhanov, Bryukharov populated place 46°41' N 41°39' E  E M U G Russia
882.6 miles ESE of 51°22' N 23°27' E

Not a lot of help, but at least a few possibilities.

Where did you get Bragonoff and Bukower Wald?  Just from repeated family
stories, or a document?

Joe in Texas

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