[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Laufer, Reschke

Katrin Hanko katrin at bokser.ee
Mon Oct 19 11:50:42 PDT 2009

Hi to everyone!

I am doing research on my ancestors. My 2nd great grandfather was a German living in Congress Poland. He came together with his family to Estonia appr. in 1877

His name was Christian Laufer, his wife was Ernestine, maiden name Reschke.

I have copies of some pages from local church books, which give some information about the family:

1. Parochial Schein (I do not know the English wording) from Kosch Church to St. Annen in Weissenstein, Estonia http://www.hot.ee/maurice/Anna_PS.jpg

2. Personalbuch St. Annen http://www.hot.ee/maurice/Anna_PB.jpg

>From those pages I have found out, that Christian and Ernestine were probably born or they came from Salesche (Polen) ? and they were married at Pabjanitza ?

Their 4th child Emilie (there were Adolph – b. 1863 Markowka, Petrikau, Christian – b. 1865 Markowka, Petrikau and Magdalene – b. 1868 Zales, Kalisch, before Emilie was born) was born in Markowka, Petrikau in 1871, next child Pauline in 1874 in Podwiczyn ?, then Bertha in Wiaczyn, Nowosolna ? etc. 

Places like Palfer, St. Annen, Rawila, Kosch are clear to me, but I am confused with all those places in Poland. Could anybody help me? And first of all – could somebody give me some advice, where could I find more information about Christian and Ernestine? Their birth records, their marriage record, their parents etc.?

Sorry for my bad English!


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