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Hi to everyone!

I am doing research on my ancestors. My 2nd great grandfather was a German
living in Congress Poland. He came together with his family to Estonia appr.
in 1877

His name was Christian Laufer, his wife was Ernestine, maiden name Reschke.

I have copies of some pages from local church books, which give some
information about the family:

1. Parochial Schein (I do not know the English wording) from Kosch Church to
St. Annen in Weissenstein, Estonia http://www.hot.ee/maurice/Anna_PS.jpg

2. Personalbuch St. Annen http://www.hot.ee/maurice/Anna_PB.jpg

>From those pages I have found out, that Christian and Ernestine were
probably born or they came from Salesche (Polen) ? and they were married at
Pabjanitza ?

Their 4th child Emilie (there were Adolph – b. 1863 Markowka, Petrikau,
Christian – b. 1865 Markowka, Petrikau and Magdalene – b. 1868 Zales,
Kalisch, before Emilie was born) was born in Markowka, Petrikau in 1871,
next child Pauline in 1874 in Podwiczyn ?, then Bertha in Wiaczyn, Nowosolna
? etc. 

Places like Palfer, St. Annen, Rawila, Kosch are clear to me, but I am
confused with all those places in Poland. Could anybody help me? And first
of all – could somebody give me some advice, where could I find more
information about Christian and Ernestine? Their birth records, their
marriage record, their parents etc.?

Sorry for my bad English!



JewishGen ShtetlSeeker at http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp
Gives us the following possibilities on lookups:

Salesche -

Salesche, Gross Walden, Zalesie, Zalesie Śląskie populated place 50°25' N
18°16' E  E M U G Poland  173.0 miles SW of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

Pabjanitza -
Pabianice, Pabjanice populated place 50°43' N 19°23' E  E M U G Poland
126.6 miles SW of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E  

Pabianice, Pabjanice, Pab’yanitsy populated place 51°40' N 19°22' E  E M U G
Poland  80.3 miles WSW of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

Markowka -

Marcówka populated place 49°48' N 19°39' E  E M U G Poland  179.0 miles SSW
of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

Markivka, Markovka, Markowka, Novo-Markovka populated place 49°32' N 39°34'
E  E M U G Ukraine  406.4 miles E of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Zales -

Many possibilities in Poland and Russia.  You might do a "Latitude" search
to look for the closest one to Salesche.  Let me know if you need help doing

Podwiczyn -

Podwiączyn populated place 51°46' N 19°39' E  E M U G Poland  66.4 miles WSW
of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

Wiaczyn -

Wiączyn populated place 51°46' N 19°37' E  E M U G Poland  67.6 miles WSW of
Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

Probably all the towns are in Poland, but I did the Shtetl search for all of
Eastern Europe.  If you do one just for Poland, it should help you pick out
the best possibilities.  Once again, let me know if you need help using

Someone else may be able to help you on your search for records.

Your English is perfect.

Õnn kaasa,

Joe in Texas, USA

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