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In Meyers-Orts Gazetteer, 1912, Cottbus is a large city on the Spree -  it 
was at that time in Prussia, Kreis Brandenburg, government district  
Frankfurt; 48,643 residents as of 1910, of whom 44,708 were Evangelische, 1,973  
Katholic, 400 Juden.    Volume II, page 303, column  1.   I have not looked, 
but there is likely a Brandenburg list,  and there is a very active Prussian 
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Thankyou all....we have a fast response to Weigefest---it makes  sense:  
cradle is Weige and so it is another word for birthday! 
New question: 
Cottbus, Nord Str #37 
Where is Cottbus, possibly in Lodz or near Lodz?  And is there any  
possibility to know who lived there in 1926? 
Rita Lyster  

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