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Thanks Joe and all, I keep forgetting to look at Castle Garden in addition
to Ellis Island. You are all so helpful, and this was a great reminder for

I have a question, now, as I just went to the Castle Garden site to look for
my ancestor, Louis Ludwig Lichtenstein, and found a Ludwig Lichtenstein, 22
y.o., departed Bremen, origin Pesth, arrived 15 Sept 1858. However, I have
his son's birth in 1856 in Pottstown PA. The entry following Ludwig is for
Eva (wife).

My questions are:
1) Are all arrivals noted at Castle Garden for this period? Were there other
major ports of entry? I have checked Ellis Island, and find no mention of
this family, and know that Ellis Island did not come about for many years
after 1850.

Answer:  There were other ports of entry during this period. Boston,
Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans, to name a few.

2) I have information that Louis's wife was Anna Christina Nagel, and went
by "Christie", not Eva. So is this "Eva" listed as wife, meant to indicate
Louis's wife? They did not arrive at the same time, and there is no one else
showing an arrival date the same as Eva in 1859 in the listing.

Answer:  You are right, no other entry on same date as Eva arrived in 1859.
Eva could be Ludwig's wife, coming later, but I think it just meant Eva was

3) Ludwig's entry shows origin as Pesth, and when I google that, I get a
listing and map for Pesth,  aka Budapest(h), Hungary. My information
indicates Louis Ludwig came from Bavaria (city not known yet). Would
Pesth/Budapest have been part of Bavaria at one time?

Answer:  Don't believe that Pesth/Budapest would ever have been part of

4) Eva's origin is shown as Sebau, and google offers an alternative lookup
as Sebau near Slovakia. My information shows Anna Christina Nagel was from
Hanover. Would Sebau have been part of Germany, or the Hanover area at any

Answer: Could not locate a Sebau using ShtetlSeeker at
http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp  And, unless you were sure
that Eva was the correct person, you might be wasting time following up on
this location.

5) Are there other German towns or names similar to Sebau or Pesth that I
should be looking in? My Great-great grandfather used to tell my father
stories about being distantly related to the King of Lichtenstein, but these
don't seem to be the right locations to be researching if that is true.

Answer:  Once again, unless you were sure these were the right people,
looking for similar towns might be a waste of time.  There are many (425)
residential Lichtenstein listings in the Germany telephone directory at

6) Since I know Louis Ludwig's son was born in PA in 1856, neither of these
arrivals would support that being a good birth year/place. Any other

Answer:  It appears to me that you would be looking for a Lichtenstein
arrival before 1856, since you seem to be certain of the birth date of Louis
Ludwig's son.

Question:  Do you have any later US census data, 1860 for instance, that
might show when Louis Ludwig Lichtenstein actually arrived in the US?


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you may provide. I have been
at a dead-end on this line for @ 10 years.


Maureen Murray Webb 

Good luck,

Joe in Texas

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