[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Interesting new find...

Krampetz at aol.com Krampetz at aol.com
Thu Oct 29 19:50:21 PDT 2009

There's a Genealogy forum out on LINKEDIN.COM and the following post
just turned up out there.    I'm sure there is some  interesting information
out there for some of you. 
Bob K.
 Website for Polish Genealogy: 
_http://www.genealogyindexer.org/_ (http://www.genealogyindexer.org/)   
I recently discovered this web  site:   _http://www.genealogyindexer.org/_ 
which I discovered on genealodzy.pl  [Polish web site]. 

The site gives you the ability to ... 
Search  77,000 pages of historical directories (business, address, 
telephone, etc.),  28,000 pages of 64 yizkor books (memorials to Jewish communities 
destroyed  during the Holocaust), and 7,000 pages of lists of Polish 
military officers.  Most of the directories are from Poland, Galicia, or Romania. 

PLEASE  take note they list what page # (usually on a digital book from a 
Polish  Archive/ University) you need to look at in their search results. 

I have  already had some successes. They OCR'ed these digital resources and 
built  indexes -- very nice! 

For example I searched on "Pacanow, Eljasz" to  find ancestors from 
ancestral village of PACANOW. You do NOT need to supply  diacriticals (like the 
slahsed l) -- so notice in Pacanow that my 'o' does not  have the accent on it. 

It also worked for "Pacanow, Wlecial" -- where I  do have a slashed l. The 
results were identical whether I used the diacritical  or not. Being an 
American, I liked the convenience of not having to type(or  cut/paste) a 
diacritical character on my searches. 

I know I use  Historical Directories for my American ancestors. Now I can 
do so for my Polsih  Ancestors. 

A big thanks to genealogist Logan Kleinwaks for providing  this excellent 


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