[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is Szenwald, Rypin?

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Good morning Earl,

Szynwald is situated on the really edge of Rypin parish. That should be the 
reason for frequently appearance.
If you use "mapa.szukacz.pl" as URL of your browser (delete appearing 
"Reklama") , write Szynwald to "Miejscowosc" on the right side and click on 
You will see a marked Szynwald, south of Kielce. Click left mouse to a free 
place within map, HOLD left mouse and draw down.
You will see Szynwald east of Grudziaz. Double-click on this mark.
There is a scale at the right side of the map. Click on "384m": you will see 
the relation of Szynwald to town of Rypin (south).
Distance to Rypin is about 60 km.
Click on 96m at the scale and you see Szynwald about 25 km northeast of 

Hannes W.

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> The village of Szenwald or Szynwald appears fairly frequently in the
> Michalki, Rypin parish records.  However, I have been unable to find it on
> any map including our usual on-line maps.  If it exists in the Michalki
> parish it should be about 30 miles NNW of Plock, in the Rypin area.  Does
> anyone know where this village could be.
> Thanks,
> Earl Schultz
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