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Hello All,

I sent my answer directly to Dave.  Realized I should have sent it to the
news group.  Here is his original post, my answer, his reply and my last
answer.  Now, you all have all the info.

Joe in Texas

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Hi all;
I'm seeking contact with descendants of Daniel and Rosine (Hirsch) Krause.
Rosine Hirsch is the daughter of Johann and Anna Ekaterina (Zilberman)
Hirsch.  Daniel is the son of Christian and (Anna) Luise (Schiller) Krause.
Daniel was born about 1859 and Rosine was born about 1862.  The families
lived in the Grodziec, Poland area and attended the Lutheran Church there.
Any information will be appreciated.  Thank you,
Take care, Dave Krause  (USA)

There are 11 Grodziec locations in Poland.  Do you know which one you want?
Here is what Multimap at http://www.multimap.com/  finds for a search for

1.Grodziec, Opole
2.Grodziec, Konin
3.Grodziec, Gorzow
4.Grodziec, Elblag
5.Grodziec, Walbrzych
6.Grodziec, Plock
7.Grodziec, Opole
8.Grodziec, Bielsko
9.Grodziec, Legnica
10.Grodziec, Legnica
11.Grodziec, Katowice

A search for Krause in Grodziec in the Poland phone directory does not find
any listed at the present time, for any of the towns.

A map of Krause distribution in Poland is found at
http://www.moikrewni.pl/mapa/   Looks like there are still quite a few of
that surname still there.

Good luck on your search.

Joe in Texas


Hi Joe;
I've enjoyed seeing your responses to other queries.  Now it's my turn!  I
am working on the Grodziec near Konin.  Daniel would be my great uncle.  My
grandfather, Wilhelm, had two sons - both came to America.  I'm the youngest
of Edward Krause's offspring.  I'm in contact with the remaining son and
daughter of my uncle and aunt.
Thanks for the URL.  I'm slowly learning my way around the internet.
Take care, Dave


Hi Dave,

Well, just a little more searching has found something for you.

One thing I did was to look in the phone directory for all of the surnames
in 3 of the nearby towns of Grodziec near Konin.  Did not find any of the
surnames.  Looked in Lipice, Junno and Janow.  But, I have found surnames
for other people by using this technique.  Slow, but sometimes gets results.
You could move the Multimap image around, and check some of the other towns.

The other thing I did was to use the surname distribution map to look for
the surnames in other locations.  Guess what.  Found a Zilberman listed in
Gliwice, which is one place the distribution map indicated there should be

Gertrude Zilberman, Okrzei, Gliwice, phone 32 3311443.  How about that?  You
could try that on some of the others, and see what you get.  Once again,
slow, but sometimes gets results.

Now Gliwice is about 150 km (90 miles) SSE of Grodziec and Konin.  Not all
that far away.

Did not try any of the other surnames, but that is one technique that is
also good to use.

If you speak/write the language, maybe a phone call to Gertrude, or a letter
will get you some answers.

Woke up to take the dog out.  Checked my inbox.  Now back to sleep.  Good

Joe in Georgetown, Texas

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