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Old Prussian - now an extinct language.
KRÂUSÎ nom sg f Crausy E 617: Birnbaum / pear-tree
KRÂUŠÂS nom pl f Crausios E 618: Birnen / pears

An Old Prussian word that lives on in in the East Prussian  
Plattdeutsch (flat-land German or Low German)

"Krusch" plus the Plattdeutsch suffix "ke" a diminutive, meaning  
"little" = "kruschke", little pear.
"krusch" plus the Plattdeutsch suffix "ken" indicates plural =  
"kruschken", pears.

The first time my cousin Georg Wohlert, born in Dortmund, encountered  
the word was when visiting his Auntie in Tarau/Tharau, East Prussia  
were his parents were from. Auntie asked him if he wanted a "kruschke"  
and he thought she asked if he wanted a "kruste", a bread crust. He  
answered no, while his sister was given a juicy pear. He learned Platt  

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