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Hi All,

Am not a member of the Sask Genealogy group, but there is a Lidia Lachman listed in the 1911 Census in Provencher, Manitoba with husband Andreas and a number of children.  Perhaps the same family....?


In order to see the actual census page - click on the split view at the topp of the page - which will open a new window  - and you can then see more information.

You can also search the BMD database for Manitoba  - search both Lachman and Lachmann


Transcriptions are not wonderful - spelling can be haphazard with unfamiliar names.

The Saskatchewan Vital statistics website is only births and deaths - and either not very complete - or the transcriptions are very bad.


Am interested also because my great grandmother Auguste Bethke (nee Schulz) married a Lach or Lachman (family legend is not clear) after 1900 when her husband August Bethke died - and then she too died in 1919.  I don't know whether he went to America or Canada - where children from his first marriage went.  They did not have children together.  A loose end I will not likely solve.


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> Hello everybody
> In one of the online databases of the Saskgenealogical
> Society I ve found
> informations about the burial of Lachman Lydia + 1930 in
> Rush Lake
> http://www.saskgenealogy.com/databases/burialindex/nm_BurialSearch.aspx
> I can´t open the view button because  I am not a
> member of the
> Saskgenealogical Society
> Maybe someone is able to have a look  the information
> above Lydia
> thks from Germany
> Christoph
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