[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Grodziec in Poland 1860

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You may find Ernestine Gerhard's birth record in the Grodziec Evangelical church books in the Konin Archives, an affiliate of Poznan Archives.  

The Polish Archives Pradziad database indicates they have Evangelical records to 1900.  You can contact them at the email address shown at

They will reply in Polish and will ask for a funds to be deposted into their bank account - in Poznan.  

Rose Ingram

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  your infos about the parish of Grudziec were very interesting for me. I am looking for details of my grandma Ernestine Bisswanger (birthname Gerhard (t) widowed Jahns) born in 1889  in a small town named "Neugrunden". In the direct neighborhood there was also a small town named "Altgrunden". She migrated in 1914 to Germany when the WW1 broke out and she died in 1960 in Mannheim/South-Germany. What I know from my mother was that her birthplace must be in the near of Kalish/Russian Poland. She must be a member of the local Lutheran parish.
  In the meantime I was told that Neugrunden must be part of Grudziec now what indeed is not far away from Kalish and was part of the Konin area in former times. Neugrunden should name now "Grad Nowy" and Altgrunden "Grad Stary"
  In July this year I visited Grudziec and indeed I found this two very small colonies(only some farm building) belonging to the village of Grudziec. I saw the catholic church you presented in your picture, but unfortunately not he ruin of the Lutheran church.
  I wrote to the "Archivum" of Kalish also in July to get some more infos about my grandma and her family, but did not get any answer so far.
  Can you help me please? Especially I would be interested in knowing were her familiy migrated to. I don't think that they remained in Poland. 

  Many thanks in advance

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