[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Celagr = Ziegenhagen?

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 17 06:05:44 PDT 2009


I can't find any possible translation link between the two surnames.

I'm not convinced that Celag or variant is a valid surname for the 
area.  There are only 2 people in the entire USA with that surname and 
they are of either Arabic or Serbian origin.  Is the writing quite clear?

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

Earl.Schultz wrote:
>  I found an 1834 death of an Ewa Buchholtz, married to a Jan Buchholtz and
> her maiden name was Celagrow or maybe Celagnow (left the 'ow' in).  She had
> 4 children and lived in Michalki.  Since I have all the Michalki records in
> my database I checked to see if she was already there.  There were 2 Ewa's
> married to a Jan Buchholtz and the only one that matches is an Ewa
> Ziegenhagen.  The names of all 4 children match up between the two Ewa's,
> their ages match and the place of residence matches.  Looks quite certain to
> me that they are the same person.  How does one go from Celagr to
> Ziegenhagen?  I don't know.  Checked with SGGEE's surname list and this one
> is not there.  Can anyone confirm that these are one and the same name and
> maybe explain the connection.
> Earl

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