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 For your information, Ursula, the surnames you mention are common in
Dobriner Land and in particular I have Matt, Neuman, Hintz, and Kopp in the
Michalki Ev. records.  I suspect they are cousins to your family.  They will
be added to the SGGEE database within the next year.  I am currently
connecting the 17000 entries into 4000+ families.



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Hello all.

Unfortunately, my English is not so good; I learned it 40 years before. But
I hope you can understand me.

I am looking for about 3 years ago my ancestors in Congress Poland (Russian
- Poland). Here are the data known to me:

Grandfather: Karl Neumann * 21.11.1874, ? 19.01.1929 in Platkownica Gem
Sadowne Krs Wegrow;
Grandmother: Johanna Neumann nee Hintz, * 07.05.1886 in Laczka Krs Wegrow, ?
13.04.1932 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow

1. Ludwig Neumann * 20.11.1846 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow, ?
unknown 2. Eufrosine Neumann nee Matt * 13.09.1843 in Platkownica Gem
Sadoles Krs Wegrow, ? unknown

3. Christian Hintz * 02.03.1850 in Platkownica Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow, ?
unknown 4. Eufrosine Hintz nee Spitzmacher, * 02.11.1851 in Platkownica Gem
Sadoles Krs Wegrow, ? before 1890, probably in Łączka Krs Wegrow

1. Peter Neumann * 09.04.1806 in Blonie Krs Sochaczew ? unknown, Platkownica
Gem Sadowne Krs Wegrow 2. Eufrosine Neumann nee Hammermeister  * 21.03.1809
in Babskie Budy Gem Wiskitki Krs Sochaczew,  ? unknown, Platkownica Gem
Sadowne Krs Wegrow Married  14.03.1825 in Wiskitki Krs. Sochaczew

Father from Peter:
Johann Neumann * circa 1752 Dobrzyn District, ? 13.01.1814 in Budy Babskie
Gem Wiskitki Krs Sochaczew

Parents from Eufrosine Neumann nee Matt:
Ludwig Matt * ca. 1814 in unknown, ? unknown Elisabeth Matt nee Kopp * circa
1818 in unknown, ? unknown

The microfilms by the Mormon from the church books of Sadowne (Catholic) and
Sadoles (Protestant) I have read and analyzed. The Archives in Siedlce
continued absence of documents. The pastor in Wegrow (ev.-augsb.) can not
help me and the priest in Sadowne (r?m. - kath.) will not help. From the
State Archives in Warsaw, I have received the marriage certificate 1825, the
birth certificate 1809 and the death certificate 1814. The church records of
Ilow, including the confirmation of the Odessa database, revealed no direct

I wonder: where my ancestors come from, where they were born and where they

Can someone help me? I am thankful for every tip.

Ursula Barsch

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