[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Celagr = Ziegenhagen?

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 I think we can reach some conclusions on the three names Ceinrowa, Celagr
and Ziegenhagen.  I have gone back to the records and double checked them.

a) Ceinrowa and Ziegenhagen are the same name.  We have the town of Ceinowa
that was changed to Ziegenhagen as shown in the website Sigrid Pohl Perry
provided.  I went back to the 1832 marriage of Ewa Ceinrowa to Jan Buchholtz
in Michalki.  Her parents were Jan Cynraim (note spelling) and Anna Teys.
Checking on the parents, I found an identical couple called Jan Ziegenhagen
and Anna Teize.  The coincidences are too much to ignore.  The 2nd case of
this name or variation becoming Ziegenhagen, is proof for me.  Incidentally
this couple Ewa Ceinrowa and Jan Buchholtz cannot be the same couple as Ewa
Celagr and Jan Buchholtz because the first couple were both single when they
married in 1832 whereas the 2nd couple had 5 children by 1834.
b) The couple Ewa Celagr + Jan Buchholtz is the same couple as Ewa
Ziegenhagen and Jan Buchholtz.  Everything matches including 4 children and
the order of the children's names in the 1834 death record matches their
birth order.  Too many coincidences again.  Therefore Celagr = Ziegenhagen.
c) Probably Celagr(owa) = Ceinrowa although I am not sure whether this was a
spelling error by the pastor or a variation of the name.

One person brought to my attention that Ziegen+hagen = goat+hedge.  So the
literal meaning is goat hedge.  Cela is the Polish word for cell and
probably the English word for cell is derived from it.  The question then
is: Is Cela a type of enclosure or cell that could also be similar to a goat

The proof in these records and the website provided by Sigrid, leads me to
conclude that Ceinrowa and Celagr are used as equivalent to Ziegenhagen.

Gary, is this proof enough to add these to your substantiated surname list?



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 Thanks for the comments received todate.  To answer your questions and
comment further, the wording is "Ewa z Celagrow Ziegenhagen".  The 'ow'
usually means that it is a maiden name so it is unlikely that this was a
previous married name.  In addition, Ewa is 36, had 4 living children and
one deceased born when she was 24.  She could have been previously married
but it does not appear likely to me.  (All 5 births show the same couple.)

The writing is very clear.  The 'e' could be an 'i' but there is no dot.
The 'r' could be an 'n' but it connects with the 'o' at the top which
implies an 'r' to me.  I thought that reversing the 'l' and the 'g' would
give a closer sound to 'ziegen'.  So it could be that the pastor made a
spelling mistake.  

Ziegen = goat in German but I still find no connection to Celagr.

Sigrid, I don't fully understand your "Ceynowa: Ziegenhagen, Kr. Neustadt
(Westpr.) [this was of specific interest]" but this is likely a big part of
the puzzle.  You see, there are two possible Ewa's married to a Jan
Buchholtz.  The Ewa Ziegenhagen matches Ewa Celagr because the children,
village and ages match (in addition to the husband).  I rejected the second
Ewa because she was married in 1832 and that was not enough time to have 4
children but her village and age are also right.  However, her maiden name
is Ceinrowa.  Does your comment above mean that Ceynowa=Ceinrowa=Ziegenhagen
in which case these two Ewa's would be the same and my Ewa Celagr would then
have 4 children but only got married in 1832 which means that the children
are from a previous marriage but her previous husband would have had to have
had the same name.  Talk about strange.

So, what is the significance of Ceynowa: Ziegenhagen?  This puzzle is really
interesting for me.



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