[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] treating pneumonia in the 1920s

Laurelei Primeau laurelei_primeau at telus.net
Sun Sep 20 21:57:25 PDT 2009

I have a fragment of a family story that I am trying to understand.  
Perhaps someone on the list can help?

My grandfather's baby brother had pneumonia in 1925. Popa remembered  
that his dad had made an "incubator" from cookie sheets and a light  
bulb, the size of a  butter box, to rest on the open door of the stove  
- to take advantage of the warm, dry air? What treatments were likely  
to be used for an ill toddler? The little guy did not survive his  
illness, and there is no one in the family left who remembers the  
incident. The family would have been living in the city of Vancouver,  
BC at the time.


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