[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] missing village records in Volhynia

William Remus remus at hawaii.edu
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Yes, the St Petersburg records we normally look at do not completely record the births, marriages, and deaths in Volhynia. Here are several reasons

1 The St Petersburg archives do not have every year's records available. In other words there are years missing for Volhynia and Kiev.  For Kiev, the original churchbook is in the Ukraine state archives so the missing years could eventually be filled in. For parishes in Volhynia, I am not certain the missing years are available.
2. When I compare the Berestovitz (Volhynia) chapel book with the St Petersburg archive records, I notice some of the records from the chapel book are not listed in the St Petersburg archive records. Sometimes individual records are missing and sometimes a year of chapel book records are missing.
3 The parish lines were fluid so Volhynia villages might appear in the Kiev records or vice versa.
4 Sometimes the village names were not shown in the Volhynia and Kiev records or listed for the Polish or Ukrainian name of the village. For example Romansdorf in Kiev Parish appears also as Doliwa.

SGGEE website contains information on available chapel books that have been filmed by the Mormons. I have no idea if there are more chapel books unfilmed still in the Ukainain or Polish archives.

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