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I haven't seen anyone respond to your message yet.

Research in your time frame in Volhynia is very difficult with few resources being available.  Do you know if the Krupa family was Lutheran / Catholic / Baptist??

Possible variant spellings in our Master Pedigree Database include Krapau, Kropa, Gruppe, Graupe - none of which seem to be associated with Leszno.  Gorska could be Gorski or Gurski.

Since you have info about Leszno, it may be necessary to jump past Volhynia and start your research there.  Unfortunately, that location is west of our Russian Poland boundaries so I cannot recommend a starting point for you.  If you know the religion, you can start by finding the nearest parish centre there to begin your search.


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> My grandfather Jacob Krupa was born 15 May 1895 in Leszno 
> Poland. His 
> father was August Krupa and his mother was
> Zofia Gorska. My grandfather was in Volhynia Luck region Klewan, 
> Nowosiolki. from about 1915 to about 1938-1939.
> He married my grandmother Emillia Lutzer in Luck about July 
> 1924. I have 
> no further infomation regarding my grandfather
> and am wondering if anyone can help me
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