[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Krueger line and locations in Lipno, Russian Poland

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Thank you SO MUCH for that information.  This is truly very exciting
for me.  I really appreciate you taking the time to look those up for
me   You mentioned having some images, albeit poor.  Would it be
possible to get a copy if it isn't too much trouble?  Obviously I need
to get the film and take a look at it, as clearly there could be more
than just these two people in the family.   I've never heard of a
Fryderyk specifically, but then again, the story of a brother at this
point has been just a rumor and unfortunately, there isn't any one
left living that could confirm/deny it, so I'll need to go through the
records to figure that one out.

You had mentioned the Archives in Wloclawek or the Evangelical
Archives in Berlin for obtaining the marriage record for David Krueger
and Anna Paul/Pahl.   Is there somewhere that you could point me in
regards to the process of how to do that?  My apologies for the
ignorance, but these records are something I'm not familiar with.

I'll definitely keep it in mind.  I know quite a few family
names/relationships from our USA portion of family history, I just now
learning more about our European roots.  Some family names on the US
side:  Krueger, Oestreich, Scharlinski (Schillinsky), Gollnick, and
Meier.  (just in case any of those mean anything to you)

Thanks for your note regarding confirmation of the location.  While
I'm not 100% certain of her passenger list entry (Szczepanki),
obviously the Radomice is correct, and they were located in that area.

This is definitely very exciting for me.  Thanks for the information,
and looking forward to any other potential information/ideas.

Thanks again,
   Erick Krueger

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 1:22 PM, MIKE MCHENRY <maurmike1 at verizon.net> wrote:
> Erick
> My Manzei line  comes from Lipno. My grandmother Auguste (b.1883) father was
> named Ferdinand. He had three wives Rosalie Brese, Eva Pankratz and last was
> Ludowika Krueger. The time period was about 1880-1906. If you come across
> the Manzei surname please let me know.
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> Poland
> Hello Erick,
> I have looked at the microfilm of the confirmation records from the
> Evangelical Church in Lipno for 1867-1906 (#2,150,611). I checked the years
> 1885-1895 and found:
> 1892 Krueger, Ottilie, Lipno, parents David Krueger and Anna Paul, born 6
> Dec 1877. page 294, line 102
> 1895 Krueger, Michal, Lipno, parents David Krueger and Anna Pahl, born 18
> Sept 1880, page 332, line 85
> I have photos of these records but some are not very clear. There are a few
> other Krueger families in these records. In 1889 there is a Fryderyk Krueger
> from Lipno born 13 Nov 1874. I cannot read the names of the parents clearly
> but I can see that it is "Da.... and Anna..." but it may be "Anna Ill???"
> You may want to order this film at a Family History Library and view it more
> completely.
> Perhaps you will find a Fryderyk Krueger in the census or marriage records
> in MI.
> I have begun to put these records onto an excel sheet which can be searched,
> but am only up to 1878. I did search that data base and note that in 1870
> there is a confirmation for a Karolina Krueger, Lipno, father David, birth
> 1856.
> Also August Krueger, Lipno, father David, born 1859 and confirmed 1874. This
> may be the same family one generation further back.
> (The earlier records do not list the mother's name or the birth dates.)
> Since the Lipno bmd records are filmed only until 1865, you will need to get
> a marriage record for your David Krueger and Anna Pahl/Paul from the
> Archives in Wloclawek or the Evangelical Archives in Berlin which will
> reveal their parents' names and enable you to go back another generation and
> search in the earlier filmed records.
> This does give you the evidence that your family was in the Evangelical
> Church in Lipno in these years.
> Linda Pauling
> "... for such a time as this..." Esther 4:14
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for any help on my Krueger line
> andlocations in Russian Poland
> Hi,
> A few months back, I had posted on one of the boards @ ancestry.com,
> and Jeff Frank was kind enough to offer some thoughts and had referred
> me to this mail group.
> There are two relatives in question that I'm looking to get more
> information, and in particular, prove the next generation with more
> certainty.
> Their names are Michael Krüger and Otillie Krüger.
> Michael is my great-grandfather, and Otillie is his sister.
> Michael was born 18 Sep 1880, and passed away in 1970.
> He arrived in the USA on 14 Apr 1900, sailing on the SS Frankfurt from
> Bremen to Baltimore.
> His record in the passenger manifest shows a Michel Krüger, and it
> shows that he is going to his sister, Otillie in Detroit, Michigan.
> Michael's record says that he is from "Radomice", Russia.
> He is traveling with a cousin, Eva Renwautz, as well.  Eva's record
> appears to say "Norgowo", but further discussions might have it be
> "Morgowo".
> Otillie Krueger was born 6 Dec 1876 (perhaps 6 dec 1877 per some documents).
> Otillie Krueger got married in 1901 (in Detroit, MI to Herman
> Scharlinski).  It's written on the register of marriages that her
> parents were Peter Krueger and Anna Paul.  However, on her SS-5 (which
> was lost and an OAC-790 sent instead), shows that she was born in
> Germany, and that her parents were David Krueger and Anna Paul.
> So, I've been trying to use the places of last residence to
> triangulate where Michael might have lived.  I know that there is more
> than one Radomice in Poland, but the one that seemed likely (to me) is
> the one outside of Lipno.   I've been guessing that Scepanki might be
> a mis-spelling of Sczczepanki, Poland; which is also close to that
> Radomice and Lipno.  I'm assuming that the cousin couldn't have lived
> too far away in that day and time since they travelled together, so
> have been looking for the Norgowo/Morgowo in that same area.
> There is rumor that Michael and Otillie had another brother that came
> over and was in the Detroit area (at least briefly), but no one in the
> family really knows.
> I would love to find some sort of information/validation of exactly
> where Michael/Otillie came from, and even better would be to put more
> information about their parents.  For example, I have no B-M-D
> information for either parent -- just names from the marriage register
> and SS-5's of Michael and Otillie, and would be grateful for any
> information out there.
> I'd definitely appreciate any help folks might have.
> Thanks much for your time,
> Erick Krueger
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