[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Krüger from Staraja Huta near Simoni, Baraschow and Zhitomir // Escape via Waldfelden near Gnesen

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Sun Dec 5 14:01:11 PST 2010

Dear all,
I am looking for any information about my mothers family from Volhynia. My mother (Selma Krüger) have been living in Staraja Huta near Simoni, Baraschi and Shitomir and she was the youngest daughter from August Krüger and Christine (Nickname Tine) Krüger (born Butschkovski). Her parents died in Staraja Huta and they had to leave. She lost on the way to germany via poland her sister Meta Krüger.

Who knows more about:
* Sister: Meta Krüger / Did she made it to the west (germany, america)?
* Father: August Krüger / Who were his parents?
* Mother: Christine Butschkowski / Who were her parents? / Who were her brothers? Do they live in america?
Stations: From Staraja Huta, Simoni, Richalsk ...  ... to Waldfelden (today: Wylatkowo) bei Gnesen
My mothers family data:
Father: August Krüger (ca. 1885)
Mother: Christine Krüger (geb. Butschkowski) (ca. 1887)
	Daughter: Wanda Krüger (ca. 1920-21) died as far as we know in the 1960ies in the Ukraine
	Son: Bernhard Krüger (ca.1923) died in childhood from diphterie
	Daughter: Meta Krüger: 09.09.1926 (missed since 1944 - during escape from Waldfelden)
	Daughter: Selma Krüger: ca. 1929 (this is my mother and she died just in 2010 some months ago)
Christine Butschkowski was possibly from poland and her brothers are emigrated to america. That is at least what my mother new so far.
Selma did not know her grandparents, but it could be, that they are from Thüringen (in germany)
Extract from the memories of my mother: (translated by google)
"... Then came the disastrous Sunday. Partisans came to our little house in Staraja Huta and took the parents (August and Christine Krüger) with them. They were all shooted at the school building in the forrest. ...
After a while Meta and me had to flee with others towards poland. We made it somehow to Waldfelden near Gnesen in Poland and lived then together with the family Fay. ... One day it had said that the Russians are getting closer and we must move away from here. My sister Meta had to tighten three of the carriage horses and charge a little belongings. Ms Fay Clementine (other escape family) took the big wagon. Then two strong horses were clamped. Mrs. Fay was still with a coachman to Gniezno. It was a Pole who worked on the estate. He made sure we had the direction to Poznan and stayed back.The trip went in the direction of Posen. It was late Saturday afternoon when we stopped short and Meta came running to our car. She said to Mrs. Fay: "A carriage horse, the horseshoe has lost what should I do" I looked out from under the tarpaulin and covered in the next service station I see her again. Ms Fay said Meta, "Spann him out and let 'him go and go further with the other two. We take only one piece to the next town and we are waiting for you. "In this place we waited all night. It was full of refugees and people were all very excited and shouted and ran through today. Still, I was even sleeping with the children. Perhaps it was against a clock in the night and woke me mrs. Fay. She told me that we must quickly away, as we are already surrounded. We can not wait to Meta, because the Russians were not far away. You could hear the loud shoot. Meta with the horses still we heard nothing. She may have taken a wrong turn and had not found us, because people went in all directions. That night we left the horses with the wagon and all belongings. Ms Fay, the two small children and I rose with a bit of hand luggage into the wagon. Also Metas id-card I had there and I saw him today ... "

My mother made it finally to germany and died now 3 month ago. We could'nt manage to find any further information. Possibly this could happen with this mail..
Thank you for any information!

Stephan de Bourdeille

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