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I am not absolutely sure that we have your family, but we do have an 
Anna Rosalie Tepper born about 1872, probably in Czachulec, near 
Turek.   In our data, she has a mother named Wilhelmine Krause, and a 
father Johann Gottfried Tepper.   Per the records for the family we 
have, she also has an older sister named Augustine.

We do not yet show who Anna Rosalie was married to, but we do show her 
with 9 older siblings (she is the youngest per our data).   We do not 
yet show a younger sister Bertha or the older sister Natalia.

If you are talking about the public St. Petersburg birth database, I 
think that you are misreading the data.    There is indeed a Bertha 
Tepper born in 1889, and another born in 1887, but neither of these 
children have a mother named Wilhelmine Krause.

To be sure that your family is the same as the one noted above in our 
Master Pedigree Database, you really need to join SGGEE and submit your 
pedigree data.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 12/9/2010 11:16 AM, Kelvin Stehr wrote:
> Hi
> My grandmother Frederick was born Rosalia Tepper on13 Dec.1873 in Kalisch
> Russian Poland (according to her obituary).Her mother's name was Wilhelmina
> Krause. My mother did not know her grand father's name. She had a younger
> sister Bertha(Schultz) which I have found in the SGGEE public database and
> fromthere I found they lived in Gluscha and the father's name was
> Gottlieb.She also had two older sisters Augusta (Renas) and Natalia(Wolski)
> and two brothers I do not know the names of. Does anyone know what village
> near Kalisch they would have come from and any other info?
> Kelvin Stehr
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