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In addition to the suggestion from Andreas, you could consider Duchow located in Russian Poland and about 31 km E of Warsaw.  You can use http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp to find it.  Records for this region are very difficult to find.

Wulka / Wolka etc. would be a difficult place to track down.  It could, as you already know, be in either Poland or Volhynia.  If in Volhynia, it appears you will not be able to find the record.  All known records for that 1860 time frame have been extracted and your name is not among them.

If in Poland, you would have to be able to narrow down the region or parish in order to find the record.


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> I have now been advised by a family member that the  
> birthplace of my  
> grandfather, Heinrich Stebner, in 1860 is Walka.  I do not 
> find  any towns by 
> this name but there a lot of them called Wolka in Poland and 
> 2  in Volhynia, 
> one of which is associated with Yemilchyne, Zhytomir and the 
> other  referred 
> to as Lutsk-Wolka. There is also a Walki west of Jagonda, north 
> of  
> Zhytomir, and a Wulka Zelenickaja near Heimtal which is where he 
> married my  
> grandmother.
> It seems to me that unless I can determine which of these is the 
> actual  
> birthplace, I cannot find the actual birth record and the names 
> of his  
> parents. Am I right or is there a way to pursue this?
>  I am advised by the same source that his father was 
> Michael Stebner  and 
> mother was Anna Brockow.  There are 7 Michael Stebners on 
> the GedBas  data 
> base but only one is a possiblility.
> My grandmother, born Julianna Schmuland in 1865,  was 
> reportedly  born is 
> Duchow but I cannot find any reference to this village.  
> Has anyone  heard of 
> it or one by a similar spelling?
> Don Anderson
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