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At this point I am lost. Can anyone help me with locating my ancestors. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
David W Wyble Sr
Information received below from Ancestor Seekers researchers at Salt Lake City Family History Center
George Born abt 1704 possibley Schmelz, Saarlouis
Georg Weble resided in the following places:
                1725 Roderbach near Dhronecken
                1726 Abentheuer
                1729-1732 Nonnweiler
                1735- St. Ingbert
                1759 Died in Zusch
Death of Georg Webel
Katholische Kirche Zusch (kr. Trier), Kirchenbuch, 1700-1892, FHL Film 531295
On the 13th of December 1759 after being fortified by all the last rites died Georgius Webel hammersmith and was buried in the cemetery in Birckenfeld. May he rest in peace, Amen.
The family History Library has a genealogy book for the town of Zusch where Georg Webel was found:
Walter Petto, Einwohner von Zusch, Neuhutten, Damflos 1574 is 1820, FHL Book 943.42/Z1 D2p
                #1089 Georg Webel, Hammersmith, catholic
                1725 Roderbach, 1726 Abentheuer, 1729 Nonnweiler, finally  of Schmelz died 13 December 1759 in Schmelz
                First marriage: Anna Dorothea Familienbch von Nonnweiler (Nonnweile famil book) 1679-1820 (FHL Book 043.42/N5 D29j) has  the following information.
                #1171 married before 1729
                Georg Weibel, residing in Nonnweiler
                Anna Dorothea
                Children:  Elisabeth, baptized 13 February 1729
                                    Helena, married Peter Will on 28 Jlu 1759
                #1172 married before 1756
                Karl Weibel, hammersmith in Nonnweiler
                Susanna Moser (Moher), baptized in Kaiserslautem
                Children:  Helena, baptized 11 February 1756
Note:  Family History  Center in Salt Lake City has a CD Rom that contains other family books that were compiled by Rudi Jung.
                Second marriage: 30 October 1752 in Zusch to Katharina Crampong. She is from Rinzenberg and a widow of Christian Butterbach  (see #143). She died 7 September 1793 in Schmelz, age 88 years. Additional Information:
                Marriage of Georg Webel and Catharina Crampong:
                Children:  Markus Webel Christing 08 Sept 1754 Zuesch, Rheinland, Prussen (FHC Source)
                Markus W. marriage 23-6-1762 of Zusch to Anna Elisabeth Muno Christing 31 May 1762 Zuesch, Rheinland Prussia
                Markus 2nd marriage was to Susanna Katherine Dellwo  christing 28Sept 1777 Zuesch, Rhienland, Prussia  Death 19 Feb 1837
                Katholisce Kirche Zusch ( Kr. Trier), Kirchenbuch, 1700-1892, FHM Film 531295 Today, the 30 October 1752 after three proclamations were made at the church, and no oppositions were given, were married by me in the church: the respectable Georgius Webel, widower, and the virtuous Catharina Crampong, widow of the deceased  Christian Puderbag. Witnessed by Jacob Kropp and Nicolas Lay.  M. Hingely, curate and chaplain.
                Death of Catharina Crampong
                Katholische Kirche Zusch ( Kr. Trier), Kirchenbch, 1700-1892, FHL Film 531295. & September (1793) after being fortified by the last rites died Catharina Webel, widow, from Schmelz, age 88 years. May she rest in pease.
                Their children are:
1.       Elisabeth, baptized 3 February 1729 in Nonnweiler, baptismal sponsors were George Baldauff and Elisabeth Haubert, both of Nonnweiler.
Markus, baptized 8 September 1754 in Zusch (see # 1090), baptismal sponsors were Markus Grill, blacksmith in Nonnweiler, and Ann Mria Schneidr of Abentheuer.
Katholische Kirche Zusch ( Kr. Trier), Kirchenbch, 1700-1892, FHL Film 531295 8th September (1754) was baptized Marcus, legitimate son of Georg Webel and Catharina, couple and hammersmith. Godparents were Marcus Gril, ironmonger from Abentheuer, and Anna Maria Schneider from Abentheuer.
The Genealogy book of Zusch gives information about Markus Webel who was the son of Georg Webel and Katharina Crampong.
Karl Weibel married before 1756 to Moser, (Moher) Susanna
                Children:  Helena, born 11 Feb 1756
The widower of Maria Tilken married a second time 11 Apr 1810
Weibel Peter, a shoemaker, born about 1770 in Nonnweiler son of W last name unkown and Katharina Weibel in Nonnweiler 		 	   		  
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