[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Family Splett Information

Christel Peebles chpeebles at cox.net
Fri Feb 12 17:11:10 PST 2010

               I am looking for information on my father's family.  He died
in WWII fighting for the German Army just a few miles from where he was born
- Pustomyty, Ukraine.  His name was Christoph Splett.  He left the Ukraine
as a child when his mother packed up the family and moved to Ost Pressen -
East Prussia.  His father was August Splett  born in 1867 in the Ukraine
around Zhitomir.  His mother was Justine Neumann - born 1865 in Paterkau,
Poland.  They lived in the Zhitomir, Heimtal. Elinow, Pustomyty, and
Rozyszcze.  August's father was Christoph (Kristov) Splett (Split) and his
mother was Juliane Maler (Mahlen).  This is all the information that I have
been able to find using the SGGEE, the St Petersburg archives, and other
sources.  I am hoping that someone has had a little better luck and would be
willing to share their information.  So much has been lost and will never be
known again.  It would be nice to pass my family's history down to my
children and grandchildren.  Hope to hear from you soon.


Christel Peebles


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