[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Solett and Zhitomir in St. Petersburg Records

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Sun Feb 14 12:21:42 PST 2010

Rose suggests that caution should be used with these dates. It is possible, however, that August was baptized when he was older than an infant. I have seen this in the St. Petersburg records--children who were born when the parents were not living near a Lutheran parish had children baptized later.

"Something doesn't feel right to me about August Splett's birth year of 1867.
The St. Pete's records has an August born in Jan 1867.

August Splett and Justine Neumann were married in November 1883.  This would mean August 
was not yet 17 years old when he married.   This is possible, but do question this."

Karla Walters

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