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Could be a variety of explanations.  Did you check corresponding death records to see if the women died?  It was not only common to die in childbirth but also from complications of pregnancy.   Quick marriage after death of a wife would be common, especially if the
 widowed husband was left with children.

Are they indeed the same person?  Nearby cousins of similar age often had the same name.  Person a hundred km away in another part of Volhynia could have the same name. 

I can assure you that bigamous marriages or polygamy would not have been tolerated there.


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> Greetings to the forum,
> When I was on the Odessa site, 
> http://www.odessa3.org/collections/stpete/volhynia/link/vol188xm.txt I noticed that there are a number of men with the same names that appear to be married to two or more women.  Sometimes the marriage dates are only a few months apart.  Can anyone explain this?  I thought they were all Lutherns? 
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