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Sat Jul 3 09:09:40 PDT 2010


The only things that you cannot see at the present time, because they 
have been temporarily removed by the Famimly History Library, are the 
actual images of the St. Petersburg birth, marriage and death records.

You can continue to see the database of the names on those images as you 
note below, or you can see them (and a lot of additional records that 
SGGEE has added) at each of the pages noted here




I am not sure what you mean when you say when you say that you do not 
like the "new way to go through them", but if you are saying that you do 
not like the links above, then perhaps you are adding too much in the 
search criteria to do searches.

Anyone who does a search needs to enter as few parameters as possible 
when doing a search.   If you fill in every box when you do a search, 
you very likely will get no results.   If you are looking for a surname, 
say "Schmidt", and enter something like "sch" in the surname search box, 
then you will get way too many returns to deal with.    If you instead 
enter more letters, say "schm", "schmi", or "schmid", you will get 
progressively fewer returns on your search.   The trick to doing any 
search is to understand that the name may be spelled in the actual 
records, or by the person doing the extraction, in a much different way 
than you think it should be spelled.   The above searches will not yield 
a completely different version of Schmidt- something like "Szmidt", so 
you will have to enter in different spellings to get other results.    
Perhaps a search for "midt" or "mit" will find your data if Schmidt is 
the name you seek.

Sometimes the search criteria you enter will not find the record you 
seek because you cannot guess the spelling that is in the database.   In 
that case, you  may need to drop the surname entirely and search for 
something like all children of any surname born to parents with the 
given names you know to be the parents.   Note also that the search 
criteria for births and deaths is currently under revision, and we hope 
to have in a few days the ability to search for the mother's maiden name.

Remember the advice that less search criteria means more search results.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 7/3/2010 6:46 AM, marlo wrote:
> I have been reading about the St Pete records and not being able to 
> access them as we used to or at least that is what I take from the 
> messages.  The new way to
> go thro them is not to my liking and I have always advocated that 
> change is not
> always good.
> The address for the original St Pete records that we used to browse 
> thro is:
> www.odessa3.org/collections/stpete/volhynia/ 
> <http://www.odessa3.org/collections/stpete/volhynia/>.
> It still works for me and that is how I was able to find my husbands 
> maternal
> family members who were born in Volhynia.  It only goes to 1885 but 
> that is
> much better than nothing.
> Hope this is what some of you wanted.  If not, I erred.
> Margaret
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