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Thank you so much Jerry & Joe,so many family names and possibilities.It will sure keep me busy !!  Believe it or not Ostatkower Rigge is Ostatkowo Riege,noticed many places have yet to find it's Polish name-Cathy has gone to play Kartmiester,!


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The map you are trying to use is too large a scale to find small places.  The best resource for your search is http://www.kartenmeister.com .  This is not a map but it will provide map coordinates so that you can find the place on modern maps or perhaps those at http://english.mapywig.org/news.php 

You do have to use an exact spelling for that resource so hope that the ones you have are good.  If not, try entering a few starting letters first and then browse through the list that comes up to see if you can find a reasonable match.


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> Would one define hair as brassy straw to strawberry blonde-think 
> I just found my family ! From Wuerttemberg to West Prussia & 
> Netze,1786 ! Strohscheiin=/Rossin poss other spelling Rohsin ! 
> Can anyone tell me where,Ruhden,Ostutkower Rigge,Annendorff are? 
> I've tried finding on 1799 map at: 
>  http://www.schwertfamily.net/maps_west_prussia.htm  & found 
> info from:http://www.kentopf.com/diverses/  Ok please don't burt 
> my bubble just yet-feel like walking on clouds  9  ! Look out 
> Michael Strohschein-think I have a good bundle of straw to 
> fallow !Cathy in Elgin,MN-on Cloud 9 !!! Yeppy !
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