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Elmer,you can try google,yahoo & others,I know Germans-Axis & other WWII buffs 
are working on military stuff that had started on forums,may be Russian's are too,but have noticed that in WWI that is sadly lacking? But if you can not read Russian you may need a translate bar or ? I've got googles but don't know how good of translation for Russian it is ? So if can not find anything WWI keep an post it note some where to remind you to check again-one always hope,these  military buff's will get WWI bug . Just an thought,Cathy in Elgin,MN


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Elmer schrieb:
> Hello 
> Several of my Grenke ancestors served in the Czar'a army . Is there a way that i could determine what their rank was. 
> I some how think that ethnis Germans would be given a commissioned officers rank . Also , would it be possible to determine what corps they were in ie , infantry , artillery or service type of corps
> Any thoughts would be appreciated 
> Elmer Grenke

Hello Elmer,
I don't think so - except ethnic German nobles from the Baltic 
governments who served as officers, generals and officials of the 
imperial administration (think of admiral Adam Johann von KRUSENSTERN, 
the generals Alexander and Konstantin von BENCKENDORFF, Russian prime 
minister Sergej Jul'evich Graf WITTE, foreign minister Robert Graf 
NESSELRODE and minister of justice Konstantin Graf PAHLEN). The Germans 
from Volhynia were more likely considered as unreliable fellows and had 
to serve as humble recruits in remote areas.

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