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BlankI sent this message a short time ago and decided to go back in and check the ship list again and I am sorry to say when I printed it, it showed that he was
from Damerhorst and instead he was from Freyenstein.  For some reason the
way the markings were on the page it showed the wrong village.
But now I have another question?  When Heinrich came over he was accompanied with his wife and four small children.  However he is listed in one part of the list and she and the children are listed on another page?  Is that not a strange way to list a family?  She was listed from a different village than her
husband.  Just seems strange.  By the way the same thing happened with Auguste and the name of her village.  When it printed it listed the village for
the previous passenger instead of hers.  

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I wonder if someone could help me with the village listed above.  It is listed on 
the Hamburger Passenger List for Heinr Lohroff as place of residence, Damerhorst, Pommern.  He departed 1882 on ship Bohemia.  I have tried to 
find it but no luck.  Could it perhaps be a Kreis instead of a village?  
In ShtetlSeeker I found a Starchenkove now in Ukraine, says it is 366 miles
SE of Kyyiv which I assume must be Kiev?
Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Thank you.
Margaret Loroff

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