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Is this Freyenstein still associated with Pommern / Pomerania?  Using Shtetlseeker, I found a Freyenstein in Germany, about 69 mi. northwest of Berlin.  However, this would not have been in Pomerania.  I did also search for Damerhorst in case they were close to each other but came up blank with that.

I can't explain why the husband would be entered on the list separately from the rest of the family unless it is just a fluke that somebody else with the same name was traveling on the same ship without there being a relationship.  That would certainly also explain the different locations of origin.


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> BlankI sent this message a short time ago and decided to go back 
> in and check the ship list again and I am sorry to say when I 
> printed it, it showed that he was
> from Damerhorst and instead he was from Freyenstein.  For 
> some reason the
> way the markings were on the page it showed the wrong village.
> But now I have another question?  When Heinrich came over 
> he was accompanied with his wife and four small children.  
> However he is listed in one part of the list and she and the 
> children are listed on another page?  Is that not a strange 
> way to list a family?  She was listed from a different 
> village than her
> husband.  Just seems strange.  By the way the same 
> thing happened with Auguste and the name of her village.  
> When it printed it listed the village for
> the previous passenger instead of hers.  
> Margaret
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> Subject: Village of Damerhorst
> I wonder if someone could help me with the village listed 
> above.  It is listed on 
> the Hamburger Passenger List for Heinr Lohroff as place of 
> residence, Damerhorst, Pommern.  He departed 1882 on ship 
> Bohemia.  I have tried to 
> find it but no luck.  Could it perhaps be a Kreis instead 
> of a village?  
> In ShtetlSeeker I found a Starchenkove now in Ukraine, says it 
> is 366 miles
> SE of Kyyiv which I assume must be Kiev?
> Does anyone have any other suggestions?
> Thank you.
> Margaret Loroff

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