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Further to Dick's advice, you will find that all these surnames in the Rozyscze Parish originated in the Bug Hollender settlements at Neudorf and Neubrow.  Technically these are not in Volhynia but we include them in our purview because the are very close by and because of the migrational connection.  Start with the Rozyscze Parish as Dick suggests and as your search progresses, move on to the Neudorf / Neubrow records as noted below the table on this page http://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/church_parishes/LutheransInVolhyniaKievPodolia.html

Be forewarned - there was an extensive amount of intermarriage between these families so you will have to carefully track the data to ensure you are following the correct lineage.


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The names Hildebrand(t), Ryll, and Selent are very common in Josephine, Volhynia and other nearby villages in the late 1800's.  You can find many births, marriage, and deaths in the St. Petersburg Archive index in www.sggee.org

Dick Stein

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I am researching these names:




My grandfather, Zygmont Hildebrand (or Hildebrandt) came from Jozefin in Russia. His mother was Pauline Ryll. His father was John Hildebrand (Hildebrant). John's mother was Maria Selant. 

Please let me know if you know anything about these families.

Thank you.

Holly Hildebrand

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