[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Help in finding relative in Canada

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Don't know about 411 results, but this telephone directory site has 27
listings for Laska in Canada.

http://infobel.com/en/world/Teldir.aspx?Ct=North America and

Copy and paste the entire URL if it is not highlighted.

Do you know the first name of the son?  That would help some.

The Canada telephone directory above shows only 4 Netz listings, so you
might try them for information.

And, it is always possible that the son now lives in the USA.  There are
over 300 listings of Laska in the USA.

Good luck.

Joe in Texas

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Hi all, Thanks again to all of you that have been helping me with my family
history project, I am so impressed with the top notch work of this society.
I recently got back the EWZ files concerning the Nass and Krebs families
from Schereschowka and Shatkowka and what a goldmine they are. Even though
my German is rudimentary a lot of questions were answered but more were
Among other things, we found the relative - Irma Streit Laska, b. 9 May 1913
in Novograd Volynsk - that my grandparents helped bring over after the war
and learned of her tragic circumstances (husband abducted by the Russians
and killed). In the early '50s she came over with her teenage son, born in
1938 in Korosten. After staying for a while in the US she moved to St
Catherines, Ontario to marry Assof (Ossof?) Netz. The last communication
from her was a Christmas card postmarked St. Boniface (now a municipal ward
of Winnipeg) in Manitoba. The trail ends there. We are very interested in
obtaining her obituary and/or finding her son, who we are hoping may still
be alive. My cousin of similar age in Minnesota met him and would like to
re-establish contact. This cousin has tried calling every Laska in 411.ca
and not met with any success. She has been in contact with Canadian records
but they will not tell her anything about Irma. What are our options? Dana
Naas Fossum

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