[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Trip to Poland

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Wed Jun 9 21:20:45 PDT 2010

Check out _http://polishorigins.com/document/home_page_ 
(http://polishorigins.com/document/home_page)  for  info, and 
_http://polishorigins.com_ (http://polishorigins.com)  for  the forums (ALL 
English).  The webmaster is a VERY helpful guy and does  personalized tours 
for genealogy hunters..   
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sburke091 at comcast.net writes:

My  sister and I will be traveling to the Ukraine, Czech Republic, and 
Poland to  visit areas where our ancestors lived.  We are also interested in 
doing  research in Poland.  I am interested in finding someone to help me with  
research either before our trip or during our trip.  I also need to hire  
someone to be an interpreter and tour guide to take us to these places.   We 
will fly into Warsaw sometime after July 24, 2010.  If anyone can give  me a 
contact person or recommend a company, it would be greatly  appreciated.

Sandy  Burke

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