[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Email Scams; Was Re: Jan Textor

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 16 04:34:09 PDT 2010

I would just like to add that our mailing list is safe.  Jan did not use the gmail account to subscribe so this scam did not make it on to our list.  Because I have now seen 2 of our SGGEE members hacked in this way, I will give a brief description of the scam.  This is not normally something I would post to the list but I am using my List Admin prerogative to do so.  Please DO NOT continue the thread.  If you have any further comments or questions, direct them to me personally.  I would also point out that, although 2 members have been hacked, this is not an attack on our system.  These are attacks on gmail, hotmail,  yahoo or similar type email accounts.

Briefly how the scam works:  Someone hacks an email account and changes the password.  They use the address book to send out messages to all contacts on the list.  The story is that they are on vacation and have been mugged with all cash and credit cards and possibly plane tickets stolen.  They have contacted the Embassy with no luck in getting help.  The hotel is holding them hostage until they can pay their bill and/or they have no money to buy plane tickets to get home.  They want your help in sending them some money via Western Union.  

It is an emotional appeal so you might want to kick in to help the person but, as with any such message, common sense should prevail.  In the case of Jan, I immediately questioned why a Danish citizen would be going to a US Embassy.  How would he find such an Embassy supposedly located in Wales where he was supposedly vacationing?  Embassies are only located in the capital cities of countries.  Why were they asking me to send the money to Glamorgan which is in Scotland when they are stuck in Wales.

So if you receive a similar message, either personally or through this mail list, do not respond.  If you do, more emotional appeals will follow in an attempt to suck you in.

Jerry Frank
List Administrator

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> Yesterday I received an e-mail from his gmail account, but the 
> contents is false. I spoke with him some minutes ago. His e-mail 
> account was hacked. Jan is at home in Denmark. 
> gerhard
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