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I don't know how far you want to stretch your search but is it possible the came via a Canadian port?  I don't know how common it was c.1880 as I have not researched in that time frame but it was certainly very common in the 1890s early 1900s.


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> Can anyone give me an answer.  A great-aunt, Wilhelmine 
> Loroff (Lohroff) married to
> Rheinholdt Mitzlaff, date unknown, place unknown except probably 
> in Pommern.  They came to US, date unknown, but appear in 
> 1880 census in Ohio,  then later in Long Island New 
> York.  When they came they had child or children.
> I have not been able to locate when or where they came into US.
> Can someone tell me how to locate them? I have tried passenger 
> lists for both New York and Baltimore and Philadelphia, name 
> spelled Mitzlaff, Mitzloff, Metzlaff, Metzloff.  I know I 
> really don't know anything much so there is not much to go on 
> but I would like to know when they came and where they came 
> from. The more I look the more
> frustrated I become.
> Thank you.
> Margaret

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