[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynia marriage records 1883 & 1885 (Rokin/Rokyni, Rozyszcze, Lutzk)

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Hi Vince,

Kaczerowskis are from the parish of Ga~bin (Kirchspiel Gombin).  Your Martin is in the Master Pedigree
database with identification number I249955

Hankes are from the parish of Belchatow, from the village of Pawlowa.  Daniel Hanke is I249955

As you know, the marriage numbers from the Stpete records and those from the Rozyszcze series, including
film #2380027, do not coincide.

Martin Jr.'s marriage is 1883 #341
Friedrich's marriage is 1885 #300

Al Muth

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I have finally located the Kantorate marriage records of my 2nd 
great-grandparents Martin Kotscherofski / Kotschorowski / Kaczerowski 
and Ernestine Hanke, and what appears to be their shared siblings 
Freidrich Kaczerowski and Christine Hanke [i.e. sisters marrying 
brothers], thanks to SGGEE's indexing of the new batch of FHC films.  
The problem is that I can't quite make out the script that indicates 
their  parents' birth-places, although they all appear to be from Poland 
(gubernias Warsaw & Petrikau).  Is there someone who is familar with 
these records (FHC film 2380027 - Rozyszcze marriages) who can 
interpret?  I can e-mail the scans off-list.


Vince Tilroe

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