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The marriage record for Gottlieb Nass and Marianne Wiese is on film 1201378 item 1,
for the year 1872, record /#46. This is in Gombin (Ga~bin) parish.

Gottlieb Nass is already in the Master Pedigree database for members only with
the identification number I276750.

Marianne Wiese was born about 1848 in Borki, parents are Andreas Wiese and Marianne (Arendt), 
about whom I do not know anything yet.

Al Muth

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Many thanks to all. This gets better by the minute. Six months ago I had
never heard of Volhynia. My dad always talked about Zhitomir and the family
obituaries referred to "Wolingen", which I guess is an approximation of
Volhynia or Nowograd-Wolynsk. Last year, my Aunt Pauline, the last of the
Julius Nass family, died at age 94. After she passed away her daughter, my
first cousin, went through her papers about the Naas and Krebs families,
made copies and sent them to me. She also put me in contact with the
granddaughter of Adolf Nass, who turned out to be very interested in
genealogy and has provided valuable information about that family and
Adolf’s reasons for emigrating to America. In the late 80s I also
interviewed my father at length and wrote down everything he said. I am now
trying to piece all this information into a coherent and historically
correct family history. 


Here is the explanation of the close ties between the Nass and Krebs


Nass family

Gottlieb and Marie (von Wiesse) Nass, born? Married in 1872 in Gombin,
Poland. Migrated to Volhynia c. 1878. Gottlieb died around 1898 and Marie
was deported to Siberia and died en route (in 1915 I’m guessing).


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