[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] (Ger-Poland-Volhynia) Church Records-Rozyszce Parish

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You can find all the filmed St. Pete's records on-line at www.famlysearch.org.

Under the What's new heading, click "See prototype...." 
Next page click the Search or Browse and then click Europe on the map 
Scroll down to the Russia heading and choose "Russia, Lutheran Church Book..."
Then choose Volyn from the list on the left, then Zhitomir, and Shitomir, and the year.

Good Luck.

Rose Ingram

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  Would anyone have access to film 1895627-21/1879/677/510 regarding the
  birth of Pauline Neumann,  born September 19, 1879 to Gottfried Neumann
  and Wilhelmine (no surname) in Sitschinek.   The St. Pete records do not
  show Wilhelmine's surname and  I am trying to determine if her name was
  Nehring.  (In the Rozyszce Parish)

  I could not find a death listing for Pauline, nor could I find a death
  notice for the mother, Wilhelmine nee Nehring Neumann.

  I found a Wilhelmine Neumann. born November 18, 1876 in Ostroima, and the
  child's death January 6, 1878 in Heimtal at age 2 yrs. 2 months 20 days.
  (1895625/1 828 151)I am wondering if Wilhelmine (Nehring) was the mother.

  I found an Emilie Neumann, born May, 1874 in Clementinow (by Petrikau,
  next to Kalisch, WP ) (1884069/2 681 404 2) to Gottfried Neumann (and
  Wilhelmine???).  She died October 24, 1876 in Marinkow at age 5 1/2),    

  My grandfather Gottfried Neumann married Julianne Woessner in December,
  1881 in the Rozyszce parish, having been a widower twice.  His first wife
  was Wilhelmine Nehring and his second wife was Pauline Hein whom he
  married in June, 1881 but she died in sapust on August 1881.  

  Would appreciate receiving any additional information.  Betner at juno.com  

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