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If you do a Google search for Schittek genealogy, you will get almost 400
results.  Some of these indicate people who are have this name in their
genealogy information.  Some may be paid sites, but you can check out those
that look promising.

If you do a search for Schuette genealogy, you will get some 135,000 hits.
Some of these might be helpful to you.

Good luck on your search.

Joe in Texas

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Is there anyone out there researching the name Schittek?  I have also seen
the name Schuette and not sure if they are the same family name just
different spelling in different countries.  I do know the name is East
Prussian and this is what little family information I have:  Parents Paul
Schittek and Catherine Weiho, their children were:  Minnie; Augusta who
married Julius Kempka and came to the USA; Marie/Mary (my great grandmother)
born February 4, 1872, married Edward Beier and came to the USA in 1908;
Bertha who married August Wirzba; Martha; Darius; Julius (last heard of in
Poland after WW II; and Emil who married Julia Taska and came to the USA. I
understand that Paul and Catherine died on the march to Siberia in 1916 or
1917.  They were, of course, Germans in Russia probably in the Radmyshl area
of Volhynia.

Hope someone is researching this family line.  The spelling Schuette is on
my great grandmother's death certificate, but her brother Emil lists his
last name as Schittek pronounced She-tek.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my inquiry.

Eddetta Beier Grant

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