[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Reminder about Digest Messages

Jerry Frank GPVListAdmin at shaw.ca
Fri May 21 06:39:22 PDT 2010


When you are responding to a Digest format message:

1.  Change the subject line to relate to the specific message you are responding to.

2.  Delete all non relevant messages from the response.

Failure to do so:

a)  Makes it difficult for readers to figure out what the message is about.

b)  Creates huge message sizes that cannot be handled by our mailing system (which means I have to manually release them to the system).

c)  Causes spam filters on many servers to interpret the message as spam (which means that many people don't receive the message and I have to deal with all those that bounce back to our system).

If these problems persist, we may have to eliminate the option of receiving digest messages.

Thank you.

Jerry Frank
List Administrator

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