[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bug Hollender in Siberia

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Fri May 21 08:45:05 PDT 2010

Congratulations to Jerry Frank for his interesting article "Bug Hollender in Siberia" in the December 2009 SGGEE Journal.  It is another one of the many fascinating, and often tragic, stories of Germans in Russia.

Regarding the myth(?) that the Bug Hollenders in Siberia originated in Volhynia, I'm sure Jerry is aware that there was also a migration of Bug Hollenders from Neudorf and Neubrow to Rozyszcze parish in Volhynia starting by at least 1845.  The same surnames, namely Ryll, Selent, Lodwig, Kunz, Holz and others, appear in large numbers in the villages Oleschkewitz, Josephine, and Alexandrowka.

Jerry, is it possible that the Bug Hollenders in Siberia actually came from these colonies in Volhynia?

Dick Stein

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