[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] a new but unconfirmed lead in my search for Schaffers

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Mon May 31 15:42:26 PDT 2010

Rosella Mandau schrieb:
> Hello again,
> I have some new info that may help in my search for our desendents from
> Russia:
> Carl and Christena Schaffer (nee Karacha)
Hello Rosella,

   1. are you sure about the surname KARACHA? It is neither looking
      German nor fitting to the given name *Christine* (instead of
      Christena which might be Anglo-American but doesn't exist in
      Germany). How about KARCHER instead? It is quite common in the
      southwest of Germany (1124 entries in the telephone register) and
      centered from Heidelberg way south to Rastatt and Offenburg.
   2. In Kirn, Bad Kreuznach there is actually no SCHAFFER. How about
      SCHÄFER [SCHAEFER or SCHÄFFER] instead? In 1843 there were several
      SCHÄFER in Kirn (all bakers by profession) who tried to escape
      from the Prussian military service. Actually there are 13 SCHÄFER
      in Kirn. The first postmaster in Kirn (in 1817) was Johann
      Christian SCHÄFFER.
   3. The HAUSAUER surname seems to be originated in Cleeburg and
      Steinseltz, Weißenburg, Alsace which is not too far (some 35 km)
      from Rastatt.


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