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The birth record says that Ludwig's parents are August Jesse and Ernestina Neumann. Ludwig was born in Olszak on 17/29 September, the record is from 18/30 September. At this time it is said the his parents were 26 years/23 years old. The record no. is 152.

Hope this will help you.


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Unfortunately, the only information I have about Ludwig is his name on a hand drawn family tree. No other information. I recognize the name Gurke from research in that area, but have no definite proof. His childrens names are interesting/familiar. Time frames are very close, but it doesn't prove anything. I'm sure there is a relation there somewhere. 

Julianna jesse b?? 

wilhelm jesse b 1855 

August jesse b 1847 

wilhelmine jesse b 1852 

samuel Jesse b 1845 

ernestine jesse b 1880 

Ludwig Jesse b ? 

August, brother of ludwig came to the US in 1901 and moved to pennsylvania. I am in touch with his relatives. So its not unreasonable that ludwig also came to the states, if its the same ludwig. 

Thomas Jess 

Hillsborough NJ 

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Dear Mr. Kommers, 
I have some details about Ludwig Jesse. But I don't know if it is the same 

Ludwig Jesse married Ottilie Gurke about 1896 in ...., Poland. Ludwig was 
born 17.09.1871 in Babyak, Poland, Russia ?? (lt. Standard Certificate of 
Death) and died on 02.03.1956 in Forest Grove, Washington, Oregon, USA about 
age 85. They had six children: Louise, Natalie, August, Martha, Albert and 

Name of his father: August Jesse 

Name of his mother: no record 

Is it possible that it is the same person? 

Best regards 

Sandra Gutte 

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I think I have a few pieces of the puzzle that might help or I might make it 
more confusing. 
I have an Andreas Jesse who married? Rosina Grams(b 1798-1800) 
6 children 
Rosina Jesse 
Martin Jesse 
Gottlieb Jesse 
Michael Jesse 
Johann Samuel Jesse 
Johann Gottfried Jesse 

Gottlieb Jesse married Eva Decker 1871 babiak poland 
7 Children 

Julianna Jesse 
Wilhelm Jesse 
August Jesse 
Wilhelmine Jesse 
Samuel Jesse 
Ernestine Jesse 
*Ludwig Jesse* 

now combine that with 

Samuel Krueger married Anna Dorothea Jeske 1841 babiak poland 
7 children 

Samuel Krueger b 1848 
Gottlieb Krueger b 1855 
Julius krueger b 1859 
Henrietta krueger b 1862 
Ernestine Krueger b 1845 
Renate Krueger b 1851 
August Krueger b 1842 

samuel krueger married wilhelmine jesse 1871 
7 children 
Henriette krueger 
Julius Krueger 
Pauline Krueger 
Alwine Krueger 
August Krueger' 
Julianne Krueger 
Eduard Krueger 

Pauline Krueger, I'm told, married a man named Bachmann and emmigrated to 
Brazil about 1930. 5 children, only 2 names known, leokadia bachmann and 
Irma (Erma) Bachmann. 
I've been trying to find any info on that branch of the family but have had 
no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

so there are familiar names and surnames, also places and dates. I have 
birth locations for most of the people, looks like the majority were born 
Kolo, Poland. 

I found a whole town of Kruegers in germany that looks to be related to me. 
I have been in contact with them and hope to visit soon. Its near Wernige 
Rode Wermany. 

I hope this helps someone. like I said, one big puzzle. 

Thomas Jess 
Hillsborough NJ 
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