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Ja, he was a Lehrer (teacher) and in the last space, it says "lange Jahre Lehrer" (teacher for many, many years) 
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There is something interesting about my great-grandfather that I don't have 
much information about instead the word of mouth. 
Johann Nörenberg was a teacher on his whole life, and accordingly to family 
memories he used to teach Jews around the place as a volunteer. 
When he moved to Brazil in 1908, aged 48, he was still a teacher on the 
German villages hes passed, and my grandmother said that her and her family 
would be surprised on how the German dialect was harsh for them, even from 
other people coming from Russia. That makes me wonder about what kind of 
life they had in Volhynia to feel like that. They were cloth-makers as well. 

All I could find is that his son also became a teacher, and I could find a 
questionnaire register from him in Brazil. 

Is there any records available from the scholar side around Volhynia? 

Second question is, Johann Nörenberg also was a scrivener/registrar for the 
Russian Army. Does it mean he tried to be a Russian subject to don't lose 
their land? Their emigration was quite late (1908). Any place of research? 

Third and final question is, on his death record in 1927 on the church book 
in Brazil, there are some words that I could not read (written in German), 
but I think aside his name is "lehrer". Could someone please give it a try 
and see if you can read it? 



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